10 Positive phrases for customer service

Customer service can make or break your business and using the right phrases when you communicate with customers is important. Customers want to feel understood, respected and acknowledged through excellent service and by using certain positive phrases. Here are 10 positive phrases for customer service:

1.Thank You For Calling How Can I Help You?

96% of unhappy customers don’t complain and 91% of those leave and never come back. You need to cherish all your customers and let your customers know that you appreciate their feedback even when it’s negative. All feedback negative or positive can help you improve your business.

2. I Completely Understand How You Must Be Feeling

Empathy is vital and you have to listen carefully to your customers emotions especially the angry ones and try calming them down. Make the customers feel like you are on their side as this builds trust.

3.I Am Sorry To Hear About Your Experience

When you apologise to a customer it shows you are committed to understand their need and that you want to sort out their issue. Acknowledge where things went wrong and make it sincere. 74% of customers found satisfaction increased when you offer an apologise and a compensation for their experience.

4. I Really Appreciate Your Patience

72% of customers say valuing their time is the most important thing a business can do to provide them with good service. Explain to the customer that you will help resolve their issues and ask them to be patient while you do this. Resolving a query does take time but ensure you inform of the customer through the whole process.

5. Here’s What I Am Going To Do For You

Tell your customers what is going to happen and exactly what you are going to do to make things right. Be honest with the customer and don’t promise what you can’t deliver as you don’t want a dissatisfied customer.

6. Thank You For Your Understanding

If your customer has shown great understanding during an interaction tell the customer how much you appreciate it. When you handle stressful or challenging situations properly used words and phrases can go a long way in creating a positive service experience.

7. I Would Be Happy To Recommend

When a customer asks for something that you don’t provide always try providing an alternative to what they were looking for or recommend another business. They will appreciate your genuine willingness to help.

8. It’s My Pleasure To Help You/I Was Happy To Help You

It is important to close the conversation positively by telling the customer you were happy to assist and making them actually feel valued. After you have solved the problem don’t forget to ask the customer whether there is anything else you can help them with. Give customers the option to ask more questions and show that you are willing to go the extra mile.

9. I Look Forward To Serving/Speaking To/Seeing You Again

If you want customers to keep on coming back to your business tell them so as it’s a great way to end on a high note. You need to strengthen your relationship with customers by making them feel valued and important.

10. Thank You For Choosing Us

When a customer chooses your business let them know you truly appreciate their service when they could have chosen your competitors. Gratitude makes the customer feel valued and a happy customer is valuable to the growth of your business.

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