16 Marketing Emails to send to Subscribers

Email marketing is still an important tool to build loyalty and trust in your brand. Email marketing strategy can help you reach and connect with your target audience  in a more personalised and cost effective way. Your customers need to be kept engaged and here are 18 marketing emails to send to subscribers:

1. Thank You

Every time all customers make a purchase send them a thank you email just to acknowledge the purchase.

2. Follow Up

Once an order has been shipped and delivered to the customer check in with a follow up email.

3. The Review Request

Ask customers via review request email to review products they have previously ordered and get them to rank them.

4. Product Showcase

Show off and share all new stock that has arrived via a product showcase email.

5. Sale Alert

All specials that you have on products you need to send a sale alert email asap to inform customers of the offers.

6. Coupon Offer

When sales are a little slow drum up sales by sending a coupon offer email for a limited time only. This can be sent to all current and new customers.

7. Contest

Don’t forget to reward loyal customers with giveaways by sending a contest email with details of terms and conditions.

8. Customer Reward

Reward your best customers by sharing a special customer reward email.

9. Win Back

Don’t forget to entice your current customers who haven’t ordered anything from you in a while with a win back email.

10. Referral Request

The best way to get more customers is to ask for more referrals via a referral request email from current customers.

11. Cross Sell

Suggest other related products from what they purchased by sending a cross sell email with details of the related products.

12. Abandoned Cart

Give customers a reason to come back and complete their online purchase with a abandoned cart email which will remind them to return to the checkout.

13. Social Media Discussion

Direct attention to an engaging post by sharing a social media discussion email to highlight the post from the social media platform.

14. New Content Alert

All new blogs or video that is published a new content alert email needs to be sent to inform customers about this.

15. Survey

This is a valuable way to get feedback from your customers to find out how to improve your service by sending a survey email.

16. Announcement

Share all your latest business important news with your customers via an announcement email. This can be information about any opening or closing hours, buddy up information or business industry latest information.

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