You could have the best products or the services but without marketing it won’t work. For a small business it is essential that you have marketing habits that will help your business grow. Here are 30 marketing habits essential for small business:

1 Every day is another opportunity and chance to start fresh

2 Your business cards are important make sure you are using them

3 Share helpful info weekly online, write a blog on your website weekly and also guest blog on another blog

4 Your customers are vital to your business listen to their feedback

5 Keep on coming up with creative ideas to better your business

6 Take time to read a business books from entrepreneurs for inspiration

7 Create business pages and profiles on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and google plus

8 Advertise your services on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin

9 Join various groups on social media and use this help grow your business

10 Use social media to engage with your customers and to thank them

11 Use video and posts to market your business

12 Ask customers for referrals and testimonials which you should have on your website and social platforms

13 Ask for support and referrals from family and friends

14 Network with other business owners and ask them to promote your business and you promote their business

15 Collect all customers e-mail addresses

16 Send all customers welcome an e-mails, birthday messages and keep them updated with weekly or monthly newsletters

17 Offer discount, coupons or special offers to existing and customers via email

18 Host a giveaway off certain products and services

19 Run a competition and offer freebies to customers

20 Attend a networking event with like-minded businesses

21 Sponsor a cause or local event you are passionate about

22 Get interviewed on a blog, magazine, or podcast

23 Use Google analysis on your website to monitor traffic

24 Use SEO to drive traffic to your website

25 Use Google Adwords

26 Offer an affiliate program

27 Host an online workshop, webinar or training

28 Review your competitors, see what is working and what is not

29 Everyday ensure that you offer the best customer service on all social media plaforms

30 Don’t stop finding ways to improve your business.

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