Your Black Friday email campaign can either make or break your success over one of the busiest weekends of the year.  Black Friday is only 2 weeks and you should have already began planning, creating, and scheduling the emails you will be sending out during your Black Friday sales. Your email marketing campaign is an effective way to engage and inform your subscribers about your upcoming sales. As it’s a busy period avoid trying to send them out yourself in case you forget, instead you need to automatically schedule your emails to go out during the right time. Here are 4 Black Friday email marketing campaign ideas.

1. Announce Black Friday Sale

The start of the campaign is to begin with an email announcing your upcoming sales. The email should be straightforward with a clear subject line i.e Black Friday 50% off everything as this will encourage subscribers to open the email. You then need to have a call to action with a button i.e Buy Now which helps push subscribers towards the store to view more products and eventually to the checkout.  a reminder email when the sale officially begins.

2. Sneak-Peek Of Upcoming Promotions

Don’t wait closer to Black Friday to give a sneak-peek of your upcoming promotions. Whether you are offering discounts, free shipping, an exclusive product or donations to charity, start teasing it early to your subscribers so they are on the lookout for the announcement. Start sending emails in the weeks leading up to Black Friday with various hints and teasers. Also use your social media platforms to entice your subscribers in case they miss your emails.

3. Exclusive Sale For Email Subscribers

Your existing  subscribers matter to your small business and it’s vital to engage and connect with them. One way of doing this is by sending them exclusive details of the upcoming sale ahead of time to your existing subscribers. Besides emailing you can also use other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram to let people know when to expect the subscriber exclusive only offer. When you advertise this on various platforms you also catch the attention of people who might be encouraged to join to your mailing list.

4. Reminder Before The End Of Sales

During Black Friday there is an increased volume of emails sent and because of this you need to remind your subscribers when your sale is ending. It’s important to send end of sales reminder emails before the end to your subscribers so that they are  aware. This reminder email might get you last minute sales from those last minute shoppers.

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