Welcome emails are one of the most important messages you will send to your subscribers. The welcome email acts as a virtual greeting, don’t miss out on making first good impressions. When you send this email you are letting your new subscribers know that you care about their subscription. Welcome emails vary from one email or various automated ones.  Although welcome emails may seem unnecessary they make a great difference to the subscriber and to your open rates and conversions. Here are 4 simple welcome email stages:

1. Welcome

Once a subscriber has signed up you need to immediately say hi by sending the welcome email. Welcome them and remind them why they are receiving the email. You also need to add any coupons or vouchers that promoted the signup. Don’t forget to include links to all your social media accounts.

2. Who You Are

Once you have sent the welcome email you need to give more information about who you are.  Explain who and what your business is and what makes you different from other businesses. Give an insight into your brand and your history. Also include a link to your website for them to find out more about you.

3. Expectations

Be very clear in explaining what they can expect from you. You need to let your subscribers know whether to expect your emails weekly or on a monthly basis. Establishing expectations builds anticipation and makes your subscribers likely to open all future emails.  

4. Offer

Your emails need to offer something that drives revenue. If you have any ongoing offers or discounts don’t forget to include these. Utilise these incentives to encourage them back to visit your store and increase the chance of a purchase.


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I am an E-Commerce Specialist with over 13 years retail management and sales experience. Driven by my passion to helping people, I created the Retail P Factor to provide effective and actionable strategies for women in retail and sales.

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