Halloween isn’t a big season like Christmas or Easter but your business can still benefit as people are in the spending mood. You don’t have to sell Halloween related products to get involved you just need to think outside of the box and add some Halloween touches to engage your customers and increase sales. Halloween is an exciting opportunity for your online or offline shop, website and socials to have a creative  seasonal themed marketing that allows your brand’s personality to shine through. Here are 5 Halloween Marketing Idea For Your Small Business:

1.Halloween-ise Your Online Or Offline Store

If your small business doesn’t sell any Halloween-themed products, there are still ways in which you can participate. If you have a physical store you can have a Halloween-themed style window showcasing any products that are orange or black, you can have orange or black decorations and don’t forget the pumpkins. If you have an online store jazz up the product pictures with Halloween style colours or position your products in a festive way to bring in those trick-or-treat loving shoppers.

2.Halloween Decorated Website

You can decorate certain elements or the whole website depending on what you sell as a business. You can change the home page or all pages, change the font or the colours to give the website that festive Halloween-theme. If you’re running a Halloween promotion, consider swapping your web banner to something more festive. When you add seasonal elements it creates interest and draws in potential customers. The changes don’t have to be huge just make some simple transformations for the period.

 3.Halloween-Themed Social Media Platforms

Let the Halloween spirit take over and add some festive flair to all your social media platforms. You should post Halloween-themed images and messages on all your social media platforms to attract many likes and shares from your Halloween-obsessed followers. Don’t forget to also use your social media platforms to promote any special offers or deals you are running on the days leading up to Halloween.

4.Halloween Offers, Specials Or Deals

Think about what types of products you can offer to help people get in the Halloween state of mind. Halloween-themed deals are a great opportunity to get more foot traffic and customers. An enticing and timely offer gives people a reason to choose your store over your competitors. You have to think about offering discounts for products or services that will benefit your customers even if it’s not an actual Halloween products or service.

5.Host A Halloween Event

You can host a Halloween event where you showcase your products, give customers the chance to sample or buy your products. You can also work with another business that way you both get more exposure from each others customers. You can get dressed for the event in your Halloween inspired costume, hair or makeup.  Whatever you decide to do, be sure to get the word out early so people can plan for it. Promote your event on all your social media platforms and make sure you take pictures and upload these on all your socials.

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I hope these marketing ideas help you prepare for Halloween. Good luck and enjoy the spooky time of the year, feel free to let me know how it goes.

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