A logo is the face of your business and it communicates your company’s values and principles. It is how customers and other business recognise you. Studies have shown that people recognise and relate to images faster than text your logo is a visual image that carries who and what your brand is. It is essential for every business no matter the size to spend time creating a logo that will present their brand. Here are 5 reasons why your logo is important:

1) First Impression Count

A logo is the first introduction to customers and it has to be appealing and inviting for customers to want to learn more about your brand. Your logo has to be visually striking by using different fonts, colours and  shapes. Your logo should leave customers intrigued and curious to find out about your company. First impressions count so make sure your logo leaves a good and lasting one.

2) Recognisable Logo

Nike’s tick, Apple’s fruit, Google’s name or McDonald’s golden arch all have one thing in common they all have an instantly recognisable logo. Whenever you see these logos you associate them with their brand and what their business is known for. Your logo establishes your identity. A strong logo design can help guarantee your company is always remembered in the best way possible.

3) Branding

A Logo design is the first step in deciding your company’s colour, tone, fonts and overall brand feeling. When you create your company’s new logo it becomes the foundation of how you brand your business. Your website, social media, business cards and any signage all needs to be branded the same whether it’s using the same colour, font or style. Branding with a purpose is important for the success of your business to stand out from competitors.

4) Communicates Your Company’s Values

Logos are not just pretty images with nice colours, the psychology behind logo design goes much deeper. A well designed company logo can communicate everything  about your company from the background, vision and values. You need to choose a logo that communicates your company’s value as this is vital to the success of  your brand

5) Image

A logo is always the first association customers make with a company’s brand. Image is important for a brand and you have to spend time creating something memorable. When it comes to designing the logo don’t cut corners by trying to save money as this can have a damaging effect and consequences down the line. A memorable logo serves as an important part of the overall business image.

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