E-Commerce has grown over the years as more customers shop online via various devices mobile phone, tablets or PC. You need to know how to maximise sales by ensuring that you provide excellent online service that works efficiently without any issues. If you can avoid these issues E-Commerce your website will have more customers and thus helping your business prosper. Here are 7 E-Commerce common issues to avoid:


Your navigation shouldn’t be confusing for potential customers by creating a negative impact where your site gets abandoned while browsing. Instead work on offering potential customers an easy and stress-free browsing experience.


A poor website design doesn’t look professional, it looks untrustworthy and visually it won’t stand out from the competition. You need to create a website that is professional, informative, welcoming, quick  and one that functions well. You need to have important information like your contact details visible and easily accessible by potential customers. You can get a customised professional website with all marketing functions by following this link  https://www.theretailpfactor.com/e-commerce-website-design/.

3. Payment

The payment process shouldn’t be time consuming , avoid asking customers to register before proceeding and inform customers of any extra charges. This process payment should be simple with visible payment options available and it must be secure.


A long and confusing checkout process is another reason for cart abandonment. An easy, clear, smooth and quick checkout is essential, as customers don’t want to wait too long. All that your checkout should have are details of what’s in your cart or basket try not over advertising during this stage.

5. Shipping

Too many sites hide the overall shipping rates until the payment process instead of  highlighting this information to the customer before the checkout. As the customer is shopping include accurate shipping rates so they don’t have any surprises during checkout.

6. Security

A safe and secure site is a priority with so much fraud, scamming and hacking that happens online your website needs to be trusted. There are ways to ensure online security which is done during your initial website design process by adding on certain plugins some are free others you will need to pay for.

7. Product Images & Detail

Your product images must be able to capture potential customers by being clear, large and give the option to zoom in and out to get a full picture of the product. Online shopping is visual make your images standout. Excessive product details must be avoided instead use bullet points to highlight and breakdown the features and benefits.

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