It isn’t just about writing product descriptions that describe the product, it’s about writing product descriptions that will sell your products. Here are 7 easy simple ways to write product descriptions that will persuade visitors to buy your products.

1. Your ideal buyer

Who is your ideal buyer? What type of person are they? How would you sell a particular product in person? Ask yourself these questions and write a product description to your specific ideal buyer. Focus directly on this buyer and make the product personal to their needs when writing. Incorporate your questions and answers in the descriptions to give the buyer a feeling that they are having a conversation about the product with you.

2. Highlight the benefits of your products

How does your product benefit your customer? You need to highlight the benefits of each product by informing the customer how this specific product will benefit them. The description should also include and explanation the features of the product. Avoid including too many unnecessary technical details instead focus on writing the specific benefits and features of each product.

3. Appeal to the imagination of your customer

When you sell products in-store customers have the opportunity to hold and touch the products and this increases the desire to purchase the product. Whilst selling online customers can’t hold or touch your products and you need to appeal to the imagination by using sensory words to describe how the product feels.

4. Using more images to describe your products

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and you can apply this principle to product descriptions. You need to engage with your customer in order for them to visualise the products and another way of doing this is by using images and videos. Use short bullet points or icons to highlight the benefits and features of your products and make sure you upload good quality pictures.

5. Define your brand’s tone of voice

Your tone of voice should differentiate you from your competitors and this should give customers reading an impression of your brand’s culture and personality. Your tone of voice should allow customers to feel like they can engage and approach you on a personal level. Always think about how you would speak to your customers face to face and emulate this in your writing.

6. Create a scannable format

According to research by Nielson Norman Group 79% of users scan through when reading on websites. A few number of people really have the time to read everything they find online. The most important details should be first and that means you need to provide clear and concise information fast by using bullet points, subheadings, large font, bold text and space to separate text.

7. Optimise your descriptions for search engines

When you write product descriptions always remember that the phrases you use will be searched online through search engines by your ideal buyer to find your products. Therefore consider using key phrases in headlines, subheadings and body text in order for your buyer to search and find your products easier on google. If you use images these too need to be optimised by using key phrases in the image description, file name and alt tag.

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