Loyalty marketing focuses on growing and retaining your existing customers with offers and incentives to encourage repeat business. Your existing customers are important and it’s easier to generate revenue and repeat business from customers who have already expressed an interest in your business, instead of just targeting new customers. In order to beat the competition you need to have the right loyalty marketing tools for your business. Here are 7 loyalty marketing ideas for small businesses: 

1. Your Business Story

An effective marketing tool is your business story and you can use this to get the word out on your website, social media, leaflets, brochures and emails about how and why you started your business. Focus on building an emotional connection with all your customers online and offline so they know why they should support your small business instead of your competitors. Small businesses matter as they have a positive effect on local economy and your small business story should  should Inform your customers about the impact your small business has made.

2. Plan An Email Campaign

Email campaigns such as customer surveys are an excellent way to find out what your customers think about your business and products. For completed surveys you can offer incentives that can be an entry in a draw for giveaway or coupon. There are a number of ways to get customer surveys in front of your customers; you can email for feedback after a purchase, include a link online or put a code on receipts (if you have a physical store) or you can send a postcard in the mail. It is very important to start collecting email address which you can use to create a customer database to send birthday greetings, offers, discounts and any important business information.

 3.Use Social Media

Social media has grown with more shopping via various social media channels it makes sense for your small business to be running marketing campaigns promoting deals and offers that you have. You need to get the word out online of all your offers by starting a hashtag campaign around your deals and offers or videos showcasing your products or services. You need to monitor which social platforms your customers are visiting and ensure that you promote all the deals and offers across all the platforms. Creating effective online advertising is easier now with various platforms offering guides and support along the way. Online reputation is vital to help customers make a choice between you and your competitors. Your customers should be able to leave reviews on all your social platforms and you should be actively engaging with your customers by responding to questions quickly and by thanking all positive reviews.

4. Reward Your Loyal Customers.

 Your existing customers are the lifeblood of your small business so don’t forget to include a special treat for them in your marketing campaign. Reward your loyal customers by showing your appreciation by sending sneak peek newsletters of new products and exclusive deals and offers. You can give the opportunity to reserve products ahead of time as a reward for their continued support. 

5. Give A Freebie With Purchases.

An effective way to boost the value of sale during purchase is by offering something free or at a reduced cost. There are different offers you can use to boost sales such as Buy-one-get-one-free or offer your customer a free gift after spending a specified amount. Take this opportunity to drive footfall traffic to your online store by encouraging customers to create an account. You can offer a reward or loyalty system which allows customers to rack up points every time they spend which they will be rewarded with a prize, coupon or freebie once they reach a certain amount of points. Use your social media platforms to create sweepstakes and ask users to provide email address for a chance to win a prize this will help increase your sales and grow your contact list. 

6. Give Deals On Gift Cards

Customers would be happy to receive gift cards plastic and e-gift cards to give more options of spending in-store and online. One marketing campaign with the gift card can include a percentage off or free gift card when customers spend over a certain amount in-store or online. Gift cards encourage customers to revisit you in-store or online and make purchases from you instead of your competitors. Another great way to retain customers is by offering a members-only VIP club with perks like free samples, quick checkout process, special deals, new products reviews and much more. Your VIP doesn’t have to cost your customers anything and it shouldn’t be costly or difficult for you to implement. 

 7. Partner With Other Small Businesses.

There is strength in numbers especially when you are a small business competing against big businesses for sales and customer loyalty. Loyalty marketing can extend beyond your business you can team up with other local small businesses to increase your marketing power and advertising to reach more people. You both agree to the partnership where you create cross-store discounts, shared promotions and sales events that get customers in your store more often. Hosting an event together is a great way to promote brand awareness and for you to engage with your existing customers and new customers. You don’t need to spend a lot of money you need a well executed and planned event where you offer gift cards, samples and showcase your products or services.








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