7 Productivity Tips

Productivity is the key to success whether you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur. As a small business owner you juggle a million task at once but mastering productivity will help you run your business more effectively. There are various apps which you can use to help you be more effective and efficient. Here are 7 productivity tips:

1. Create a To-do List

Creating a to-do list will give you a structure of your tasks, how you will organise them and the deadline of completion. You set yourself a plan which will ensure that all tasks are completed in order of priority. You can either have a physical to-do list where you use a wall planner or dairy or digital to-do list apps which are free and some have to be purchased. Whichever options you use make sure you go for an easy to use option that lets you share tasks with other people, make sure it’s efficient and not time consuming.

2. Get rid of unnecessary distractions

Get rid of unnecessary distractions and remain focused on your daily tasks. There are so many distractions that we face daily from social media, phone notifications and negative people are just a few examples. Plan, prioritise your daily tasks, set deadlines and set times to respond to emails, texts, phone calls and turn your phone notifications off to avoid the noise and distraction.

3. Taking care of yourself mentally and physically

To improve your productivity, you need to be in a positive mental state and taking care of yourself is vital. Taking breaks increases work productivity, recharges you and gives you a chance to re-focus. There are many ways to spend your breaks but it’s important that you spend it doing something that will energise you physically and mentally. Consistent exercise makes you more alert and provides a great energy boost besides exercise you can also meditate or do yoga or a physical activity. Eating healthy can impact your energy and eating the right foods promotes good health and helps the body function better.

4. Improve self-discipline

Self-discipline is crucial and without self control it’s impossible to remain focused on reaching your goals. You have to improve that inner strength which will help you in times of setbacks and failures to not give up but to keep on striving to achieve your goals. Don’t let go of your dreams, establish a clear detailed plan of what you want to achieve, reward yourself for a job well done and stay consistent.

5. Remind yourself why you started

You will face certain challenges but always remind yourself of the reason why you started your business. Every business goes through it’s ups and downs but you need to take time to reflect on how far your business has come compared to where you started. You will have to motivate yourself and your team especially during times when sales are slow by boosting morale. Think about the customers you have helped, your team’s dedication and the value your product or service has brought into the market.

6. Take advantage of apps

There are many factors that might affect productivity such as stress, time management, miscommunication, dis-organised and a lack of sleep just to name a few. Fortunately you can take advantage of technology by using various apps to increase your productivity and the efficiency for you, your business and your team. The best way to decide which apps work best for you is by conducting researching and deciding which aspects of your business will benefit most. These are some of the app I tend to use in my business Google keep  (to-do list), Mailchimp (emails), Hootsuite (scheduling of social posts) and Evernote (digital notebook).

7. Never stop learning

Productive and successful people never stop learning but continuous keep up-to- date with the latest market and technology trends. You should research and learn new ways on how to improve yourself and your team. A culture of learning drives productivity and improves the performance of the team. There are a number of e-Learning options available to help you enhance or develop new skills.

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