Customer satisfaction is important to the success of your business and maintaining a good relationship with your current customers is vital. Happy customers will naturally spread the word about your business and in them doing so you will gain new customers. How can you keep customers happy? Here are 7 ways of keeping customers happy.

1.Resolving all customers queries

In today’s digital world customer service is about more than just smiling and being friendly, you should be able to resolve customer issues across a variety of media and platforms. You need to be able to resolve the query quickly and politely whether you are dealing with customers online or by phone. You need to check your website and make sure that your contact page has accurate information with phone numbers or email and ensure that you also fully complete all sections on your social media sections too. The more options you have available to the customer the easier and faster the problem gets resolved.

2.Knowing all your customers

You should know your customers by name and use this whenever possible as it makes them feel personally connected to you and your brand. Don’t assume that customers are just focused on getting good deals, how they are treated plays an important part in deciding if they want to purchase your products or not. Always be friendly and courteous when dealing with customers. Get email information from your email database and send them a special personalised message on their birthday.

3.Rewarding customer loyalty

One of the best strategies to keeping customers happy is to reward them for their loyalty. There are different reward schemes you can have from offering a coupon off during their birthday or buy 5 get 1 free. You need to reward loyal customers as this keeps them coming back to shop with you instead of your competitors. Don’t forget to also reward customers unexpectedly, a small token of appreciation goes a long way for customer loyalty. Remember to thank your customer through handwritten note, thank you email or social media post just as an acknowledgement of how much you appreciate them.

4.Following up with updates

Clear communication gets you a long way when dealing with customer queries or complains. If a customer has a query that you can’t answer immediately inform the customer that you will get find out and then get back to them with your response. Customers shouldn’t have to chase you for a follow up about a query, it is your responsibility to keep them updated as soon as possible. A phone call or email follow up can make the difference between a happy customer and a disgruntled one.

5.Keeping in touch

Try building a customer email database and customer contact information list and send regular updates via email, text messaging, Whatsapp or by phone. A monthly or quarterly newsletter is a fantastic way of keeping customers informed of news, upcoming special offers and simply reminding them of your business. You can also keep in touch by engaging with your customers via posts on your social media posts, DM, inbox or live chat whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

6.Getting feedback from customers

What do your customers want? How do they feel about certain products or services that you offer? How would they rate your customer service? It never hurts to ask customers about their experience and what improvements they would like. This can provide valuable information on how you can improve products and your overall service delivery. Listening to feedback is vital to your growth as a business and you should pay attention to what your customers saying whether the feedback is positive or negative.

7.Offering free samples

Do you have a new product? Are you offering free samples? Some small business owners may think that offering free samples is giving away money but think of another perspective. The idea behind a free sample promotion is to get in touch with your target market base and have them try your product for free before purchasing it. Once the customer tests your free sample and sees how the product satisfied their need or want they will return for the product. Giving free samples to your current customers can be a good source of market research as they can give you feedback about a new product that you might want to trial.

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