Customers are browsing the internet and when they come to your website they want to learn more about who you are and what your business does. Your website design has potential to make or break your business. A good website will boost your business reputation in a positive way and a bad one will impact your business negatively and scare away potential customers. Treat your website as your first branding for your business. Here are 8 reasons why customers might leave your website and how to fix this.

1. Poor website design

Bad navigation, poor design, bad user experience, broken links and meaningless application on your website might put off potential customers.

Your website shouldn’t confuse or frustrate potential customers but enhance their overall experience with great visual graphics, relevant content and user friendly interface. Your homepage should be simple but clearly link to the main sections of your website. Your website navigation should be logical, intuitive and easy to understand.

2. Poor content

Poor and bad content structure can destroy your conversion and is a big turn off especially when potential customers can’t find what they are looking.

Customers must be able to find relevant information without having to search for it, group similar content in a clear and concise manner. Use bold headings to separate sections and highlight certain key words.  Visual content like images or videos as they are an important part in grabbing a customer’s attention and improving the online user experience. However if you use visual content don’t force it onto the customer instead have an option to either view or not too.

3. Lack of customer engagement

Today’s customers need more instant assistance and don’t want to wait over the phone or for email replies, if you are unable to provide response instantly they might be frustrated and this may lead to website abandonment.

Technological advancements now gives you the choice of having live chat or Click to Call option on your website. Live chat allows you to proactively engage with customers immediately and offer better customer service. Click to Call feature allows customers to directly make audio or video calls to you. Always try to have the best and latest communication options available to give customers more options of getting in touch with you.

4. Unnecessary pop ups

Suffocating pop ups, ads, registration and signups can not only be very irritating but also force customers to leave your website.

You need to ask yourself how you feel when you visit websites with too many pop ups? Think about how many websites you have left due to the annoying and non stop pop ups, registration, signups and ads. You can run ads, ask for registration and signups by using an approach that’s tasteful and discreet which ensures customers don’t abandon your website.

5. Not optimised for mobile devices

Most people use smart phones and tablets in our day to day life for internet browsing and unfortunately a number of websites aren’t optimised for mobile devices.

Is your website mobile-friendly? Have you tried viewing your website from mobile devices?  If your website isn’t mobile-friendly you are losing out on sales from customers who prefer to shop online. If your website is not mobile friendly this means it’s not easily navigable from all the mobile devices and you might lose customers to your competitors. Having a mobile-friendly website brings several advantages such as improved search visibility, improved user experience and improved brand identity.  You can search if your website is mobile-friendly here .

6. Loading time takes too long

Time is money and people who visit your website are either browsing or what to make a purchase and if you loading time takes too long they will abandon your site.

To enhance customer experience make your website easily accessible to your clients by making sure your website  isn’t taking too long to load. Customers might wait for roughly 9 seconds for it to load anything more than this you should start worrying as this is seen as too long in “Internet Time”. Here are some ways you can reduce loading time by optimising they type and size of image, avoiding unnecessary plugins, redirects and multiple tracking scripts. You can check your website speed and loading time here .

7. Missing contact us page

A missing contact us page on the website can cause customers to doubt the authenticity and reputation of your business. It’s extremely important to provide contact details in order for your customers to contact you if required.

Your contact us page should have a quick contact form where the customers can fill in their details with messages and should be contacted soon within 24 hours. Your contact page can also have pictures of the team with phone numbers and email address.

8. Complex checkout process

Your checkout process shouldn’t have extra complicated forms, extra online payments, complex and time consuming. Customers want to be able to have a hassle free checkout if it isn’t customers will become frustrated and leave your website.

Your checkout process should be very easy and simple to follow for customers. Remove navigational options from checkout forms to reduce the amount of distractions for the customer as they complete the checkout. Improve the process by testing and analysing the checkout process and listen to customer feedback. When a customer gets to the checkout it means they had an interest to purchase from you and you have to continuous work hard to perfect the process.

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