Social media increases your brand’s awareness by attracting new customers and by showcasing your product or service. Social media is vital to the overall growth of your business and you need to ensure you are monitoring all your social media platforms every morning. Here are 8 social media tasks to check daily:

1. Check Your Statistics  

Check your statistics and adjust your strategy accordingly. What were the results from yesterday’s activities? Are the results better than previous week’s results? Are the results positive or negative? If your results are positive well done and ensure you keep up the good work. If they are negative how will improve this?

2. Check All Mentions And Respond

Interact with people who are talking to you. Make sure you respond by replying back promptly and don’t forget to listen to any feedback.  

 3. Check Content Schedule 

Your content needs to be scheduled at the right time and by using a social media management platform such reduces the time you would spend posting individual on each platform. Is your content ready to go live? Have you checked and read through everything? Are you planning your posts in advance?

4. Check Your Marketing Strategy

Check your Marketing strategy plan is it succeeding or failing you. Do you need to adjust your strategy? Which part of your strategy works and which doesn’t? How will you get your content in front of more people? If you need help with social media marketing strategy get in touch . 

5. Check Your Competitors

Do you know your competitors? Are you following them? What are the competing brands up to? 

6. Monitor Your Brand Mentions

How are you monitoring your brand mentions across all your social media platforms? Do you know who’s talking about you? Are you tagged in all mentions? Are you engaging in the mentioned posts? 

7. Set Daily Goals

Each day set daily goals of what you want to achieve. What do you want to get done today? Have you planned for the week? How will you measure your goals?

 8. Follow Latest Trends

Are you following what’s new in your business industry? Are you aware of new trends on all your social media platforms? Have you updated your social media content with the latest information?  







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