does your business have the p factor?

‘Purpose . Profitability . Progression’

Hi, I'm Pam,

(Pamela Mwanahiba, but everyone calls me Pam)

I am a Retail Consultant with over 13 years retail management and sales experience. Driven by my passion to helping people, I created the Retail P Factor to provide retail strategies and E-commerce solutions for female entrepreneurs & saleswomen.

No woman is an island...

I have two tech-savvy, results-driven assistants and together we’re on a mission to help female retailers, vendors and direct saleswomen, profit and prosper in all areas of their business.

Emma is my accounts manager, helping me assist each of our clients with everything from general admin to strategy.

Roz is my creative & digital assistant, helping me and my clients with all aspects of branding, design and digital marketing. 

I want to help you achieve your goals, grow your business and increase your sales.

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P is for


Be driven by your why, love your what and let me help you with the how. Have a vision of  where you want to be.

P is for

P rogression

Everyone measures success differently but growth is one of the best ways to know how well you’re doing. 

P is for

P rofitability

You’re running a business and you have to make a profit to continue to do what you love.