Helping women Perform better by learning Practical skills for your business

You will learn logistical and practical solutions to launch your small business.

We help women who are starting a new business to develop and build purposeful and profitable businesses.

Online Business Bootcamp

This 10 week online business bootcamp will help you define Your Purpose, Vision/Mission and Values.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Develop your business plan.
  • Planning & promotions.
  • Develop your Marketing strategy and Plan.
  • Selling on your Website& Social media.
  • Launch your business.

Selling on Social Media

Understand how you can sell on Social media and create your strategy to help you increase your online presence.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Identify the best platforms for your business.
  • Develop your strategy.
  • Selling & promotions.
  • Understanding Data Analysis & metrics
  • Managing your Social media.

Analytics for Small Business

You will understand what Google Analytics is and how to use it to track traffic to your website. 

  • Understand Google Analytics.
  • Setting up Google Analytics.
  • Using Google Analytics to monitor campaigns.
  • Tracking traffic to your Website.
  • Analysing data & metrics.
  • Focus on metrics that matter.

Checklists and Questionnaire

Free downloadable checklists and Questionnaires to help you with the operational running of your business.

Resources for Small Businesses

We love using the following tools for our business and thought we should share them with you too. We don’t have have affiliates with the all the companies apart from the ones with the asterisks *.


This website builder allows you to build a Website, by selecting from a range of themes and Plugins.


*Use this Web hosting to purchase your domain name, business emails and host your website.


Photo and design software, used to edit and retouch images which can be used online or for print.


Use this social media scheduling to plan your feed, schedule automatic posts to your platforms.


This video conferencing service allows you to communicate by audio or video and work remotely.


A project and task management tool, allows you to collaborate through boards, pins and cards.


Create engaging email marketing campaigns, and send personalised emails.


This video editing tool enables you to create videos, apply filters, add subtitles and audio or music.

Google Keep

Allows you to create, share, collaborate and organise your notes, checklist, photos and audio.

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