10 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing can help you grow your audience, online visibility and increase sales. Here are a few tips for you to think about before you create your social media marketing strategy.

1. Set your Goals and Objectives

Write down a plan with objectives and goals that you hope to achieve. Your goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-Based) . Your social media goals should align with your overall marketing efforts and strategy.

2. Research your Audience

Understanding and connecting with your audience is vital for creating a successful Social media strategy. You need to research your audience inorder for you to understand their needs, wants and desires. Once you know your audience you will be better equipped to help them.

3. Run Contests

You will need to increase your online visibility, followers and engagement by running a contest, giveaway or sweepstake. To create a successful contest offer your audience something they won’t be able to resist.

4. Social Media Network Selection

You need to select the right Social media network. Every social network has a different purpose and your message across the networks will vary depending on the social network you’re posting content on. You need to learn about the varying networks and focus on the ones that mesh with your business.

5. Use Video Content

Add video content in your social media content strategy. There are different ways to use video content to connect and engage authentically with your audience such as Facebook or Instagram Live. You can ask your audience questions while on Live and answer immediately or after the Live has ended. Besides the Live you can incorporate videos as part of your posts.

6. Connect with your audience

Social media is about building relationships with your audience and expanding your reach. You should aim to connect, interact and engage with your audience in a genuine way. Social media is one of the best tools to get new customers.

7. Maintain a Social Media Content Calendar

You should create and schedule your posts at least a month in advance. Planning ahead and being organised will allow you to post at the right time and day to engage with your audience. The calendar also improves time management and productivity.

8. Use the right Tools

Choosing the right social media automation, social media management, social media monitoring and analytics tools will help you be more productive, effective and efficient. These tools will help you schedule your content, monitor analytics, manage all social media platforms collectively and understand your strategy performance. Every small business has different needs and requirements. Make sure you weigh your options and choose the right tools for your small business.

9. Promotion is Key

You could create the best content but if no one sees it you won’t get results. Promotion is key to the success of your strategy. You can use your automation tools to understand the different social media platforms you use for your small business. Promotion maximises the number of people who see your content and also helps increase your website traffic and sales.

10. Consider latest Trends

Staying ahead of the latest trends that are happening is important as trends and algorithms are being altered. You should stay on top of the latest trends and changes in social media platforms that you use. When you keep up with changes, you can adapt your strategy accordingly.

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